Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only shoot fitness?

I love fitness. I really do, but I also love making people feel good about themselves. If that's a weight loss transformation, a weight gain transformation, a milestone birthday, or just because you want to feel like a boss! I'm open to shooting anyone and I love trying new things!

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based west of Brisbane and I service the greater Brisbane area, including Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich areas. I also travel around the country during the year, generally coinciding with bodybuilding and fitness shows. If you have a specific event you'd like me to attend, or if you're interested in a shoot, let me know and I can try to incorporate your area into my travels or keep you updated for when I'll be nearby!

Can I book if I've never done a photoshoot before?

Absolutely! Most of my clients are first timers or have only done one or two shoots. I will help you out every step of the way, from tips leading into the shoot, to posing on the day!

I don't know how to pose!

That's perfectly fine. I will guide you every step of the way so that you get pictures that you love! Many of my clients are first timers and you'd never be able to tell looking at the pictures!

What do I wear?

After we talk about your goals for the shoot and locations, I can offer suggestions or recommend stylists that specialise in photoshoots!

Do I need to do anything before the shoot??

- Shave/wax anything that you want to with enough time before the shoot that you don't have red/irritated skin
- Tanning is optional but I would recommend it. Tanned skin helps add depth and contrast to the pictures, making them even more eyecatching!
- Don't wear tight fitting clothes on the way to the shoot. It can leave red marks in the skin for the shoot.
- Consider professional level hair and makeup. It really does make a difference!

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! Bring your biggest supporter! I have one condition, they must be willing to cheer you on and praise you relentlessly!

Can I share a package with a friend?

Yes, any package of 2hrs or over, you can share with a friend! I'm also happy to tailor a bespoke package to your needs for multiple clients.

Will you post my pictures on your socials?

Only with your permission! Most clients are going to share the photos to their own socials anyway so they are happy for me to share. However if you would like the photos to remain private, that is perfectly fine too!